Go File IQ

the ultimate in desktop

power + mobility*

iq smart electric file

patent-pending hybrid e-file design
powered by patent-pending
smart technology

discover the
genius of presets

one touch

faster, smarter, more intuitive operation

What would you do with 100% more time?
Never waste another second adjusting the RPM zone you're working in! Now you can instantly nail your ideal RPMs with a single press of a button.

Experience 3 fully adjustable preset RPM zones that work on demand.

Use our presets as is — or program your own RPM zones for an experience that's tailored to the way you work.

A patent-pending idea that makes sense.

go file iq

Contains handpiece, control box
and power dock

Item #1168226 - US

Item #1168227 - UK

Item #1168228 - EU

Item #1168229 - AU


one touch launch control

dial to your selected speed

speed set

hold down your preset

blink means go!

no-look smart dial

Need to adjust RPMs on the fly? Designed for no-look operating, on your hip - so you can focus on your craft.
The large dial is intuitive with 25 click rotations you can set by feel.

unstoppable performance that

never chokes

Meet Smart Torque Technology™

Electric File Performance isn't
about top end speed - it's about
removing power.

23% more torque

We've supercharged our performance over 23% more torque with iQ™ Smart Torque Technology™ for nonstop torque that never fails at any speed.

0.08 seconds

As file pressure increases, our iQ™ Smart Torque Technology™ automatically kicks in, digitally instructing the motor to simultaneously drive more power to the handpiece while maximizing torque. It all happens in less than 0.08 seconds. Faster than a blink of the eye.

17% less power

To be the ultimate in desktop power + mobility, battery life is a key factor. Smart Torque Technology™ is fully automated and lightning fast, but it all happens with 17% less power consumption. Our superior number of IC Chips are the workhorse for blazing fast data switching and all day mobile performance.

how many times do

you touch that dial?


not anymore!

Zone 1 (5,000 RPMs)
Natural Nail Prep

Ideal for providing the control you need
around the most delicate curves.

Zone 2 (14,000 RPMs)
Finishing Enhancements

The ideal range for achieving your
smoothest finishes.

Zone 3 (25,000 RPMs)
Length & Product Removal

For contouring and blazing fast length
or product removal.


• 1,000 RPMs    

• 10,000 RPMs  

• 20,000 RPMs  


by design

all the tools & features to
work anywhere

  • 3 programmable RPM presets to work at a pace you determine.

  • DESKTOP OR MOBILE with the patent-pending Power Dock, it allows you to use the file while charging, while the USB-C port enables you to charge personal devices from the Power Dock.

  • ON THE MOVE Rechargeable lithium battery ensures you can go long and strong with the GO FILE iQ™

  • CONFIDENCE TO PERFORM Intelligent Power Assist™ is a Smart Digital Display that illuminates battery life so you never have to guess how much power you have remaining.

    BLUE indicates the power is between 30% and 100% YELLOW flashing indicates the unit is charging RED indicates the power is less than 30%.

    elegance meets


    Experience sleek handling in a perfected digital
    design that could only be Gelish®. Amazing
    performance never looked better!

    the gelish® go file™ iq™


    iQ SMART

  • customizable rpm presets reduce
    service time switching rpm zones

  • 25,000 rpm with smart torque
    technology™ for optimized torque

  • dial rpms up, down
    or pause on the fly

  • hybrid electric file for mobile
    convenience and desktop services

  • digital display
    with no-look dial

  • 2 year limited
    warranty program*

    standard features

  • rechargeable battery with up to
    6 hours of use

  • Acetone resistant Control Box,
    Power Dock & Handpiece

  • forward/reverse switch

  • space-saving, patent-pending
    power dock with usb-c port

  • compact, lightweight control box

  • friction-free brushless motor for
    more power and battery life

  • file while charging with power dock

  • durable stainless steel belt clip

  • certified for use with all gelish®

  • slim, lightweight, quiet,
    vibration-free handpiece

  • auto switch 110/220 volts

  • meets all safety standards