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Nail Alliance® thrives in providing the best customer support and service. We stand 100% behind all our products, and work diligently in provinding the best product quality in the market.

As such, we take great care in working with the best distributors in the industry worldwide, making sure that all our products are handled with the best care, and holding our distributors to the best standards.

Therefore, we thank all of you for using our products, and we encourage you to source them from authorized distributors only so that we can gurantee that you, our most valued member, are given the best quality controlled product.

Quality that is ensured from the moment our products are manufactured, to their transportation to each of our worldwide distributors, to their proper storage and handling, to their final distribution until they reach your professional hands.

This care, that we pride so much on, can only be guaranteed when products are sold only by our authroized distributors, and are promptly registered with us immediately after the product's purchase by you.

Therefore, products sourced at unauthorized distributors do not carry a warranty from Nail Alliance.

And, products registered after 1 month of their purchase cannot be covered under the product's warranty.