Your Skin
When weather turns cold and dry, it saps moisture from skin, leaving it dull and lifeless.

Use these tips and tricks to ensure skin stays ultra hydrated all winter long. As winter approaches, so does dry, flaky and irritated skin. Even if you don't live in an area that sees extreme temperatures, the cooler months paired with indoor heat can wreak havoc on your skin. But with a few simple additions to your routine, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing all season long.



Proper hydration in the foundation of healthy skin regardless of the time of year, but it's particularly crucial in winter. The cold air outside paired with the warm temps inside can zap your skin's natural moisture. Make sure that you're drinking enough H2O, which can be a challenge when it's cold out, and keep a record of how much you're sipping every day to make sure it's enough.

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Avoid Hot Water

While a long, hot shower may sound delightful on a chilly day, it can also strip your skin of its natural oils. Opt for lukewarm water instead, and keep your showers short to minimize moisture loss. After every shower, slather your body with lotion from head to toe while you're still damp. It's also a good idea to swap out your lighter moisturizer for a thick, hydrating cream to lock in moisture. And if you're not doing it already, apply Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil to the skin around your nails daily. The unique blend of grapeseed, kukui nut, sesame and vitamin E oils rehydrate the skin and nails.

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Use a Humidifier

While it may seem like there's no escape from dry air in the winter, you can actually help your indoor space by using a humidifier. These devices can help create a 40-60% humidity level in your home, which can help prevent the spread of airborne viruses, improve health recovery time, hinder snoring as well as treat dry skin. Your humidifier should be set between 30-45%. Start on the low end and go up from there. If you see condensation on your windows, it means you need to turn it down.

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Cover Up

Protecting your skin, particularly your hands, from the harsh winter elements is a must. Keeping your hands covered while outside will help prevent dry, chapped skin. And don't forget about your nails! They too can become brittle and prone to breakage in the cold. Apply a daily nail treatment, such as Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir, which boasts hydrolyzed keratin peptides to help correct breaks, splits and peeling by bonding with the natural keratin in your nail.