Color Me Stylish
Morgan Haile shares her wardrobe tips for all nail occasions, inspired by Spring 2024 fashion trends.

How many times have you stood in your closet staring at your wardrobe, wondering: What am I going to wear today? Ultimately, you opt for your tried-and-true salon comfies because they always seem to work fine. But getting dressed for work can be fun, too. Often, we just need a little inspiration — and Morgan Haile is here to do just that! She gives you the lowdown of what to wear for every nail occasion, inspired by the Spring 2024 Rodarte Look Book.

floral dress lady model with flower backdrop


Your public persona is just as important as your talent when it comes to gaining influencer status on social media — so don't be a wallflower; take inspo from Rodarte and add those florals to your style instead! “Adopting colors and patterns will let your personality shine,” notes Morgan. “It's a great way for your viewers to get to know you.”

Gelish Soak-Off Gel Tiger Blossom Tiger Blossom 1110821 3110821
Sweet Morning Dew Sweet Morning Dew 11108853 31108853
Do You Harajuku? Do You Harajuku? 1110177 3110177
Periwinkle Pop
Periwinkle Pop 3110326 3110326
Let Down Your Hair Let Down Your Hair 1110264
black dress lady model with flower backdrop

On Set:

It might seem contradictory to advise wearing black when we're talking about spring fashion, but sometimes it's a necessity. If you're working on set, whether for a photo shoot, fashion show or TV/film production, it's important to look professional and remain stain-free. “Black is uniform, plus it's harder to see spills and stains,” Morgan says. “Wearing black allows you to stay looking professional no matter what happens on set or where you have to go.”

Black Shadow Black Shadow 1110830 3110830
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction 1110067 3110067
Taupe Model Taupe Model 1110878 3110878
Sweet On You Sweet On You 1110421 3110421
Want To Cuddle? Want To Cuddle? 1110921 3110921
light pink dress lady model with flower headband

House Calls:

When you're heading to someone's home, you want to be comfortable, but professional and approachable. Morgan advises opting for soft neutrals: “It's all about soft yet warm colors that can be worn anytime of the year. Think: ivory, beige, taupe and gray. These tones encourage a calming and comfortable feeling for your client.”

Tan My Hide Tan My Hide 1110187 3110187
Forever Beauty Forever Beauty 1110813 3110813
Taffeta Taffeta 1110840 3110840
Heaven Sent Heaven Sent 1110001 3110001
Simply Irresistible Simply Irresistible 1110006 3110006
beige dress lady model with flower backdrop

In The Salon:

Even if you don't have an actual salon uniform, it's a good idea to have a consistent style for work. It keeps you looking professional, and it makes it easier to get dressed each morning. Start with looser clothing — “After a few hours behind the table, you want to comfy!” Morgan recommends — but make sure there's still a tailored feel to your clothes so you don't appear sloppy. “Keep your wardrobe neutral for consistency, and add in darker tones or black to hide any spills or messes.”

Need A Tan Need A Tan 1110854 3110854
Pink Smoothie Pink Smoothie 1110857
Holy Cow-GIRL! Holy Cow-Girl! 1110800 3110800
Up In The Blue Up In The Blue 1110862 3110862
Sweater Weather Sweater Weather 1110064 3110064
black and white color of a long hair lady


When you're doing nails at an event, whether day or night, you want your attire to remain business professional. “This style is most appropriate for interviews, formal events and instances where you'll be on camera,” says Morgan. Opt for more formal colors like black, navy and gray, and include textures as well, such as velvet, suede, leather and lace. “You want to dress to impress, but don't steal the show!”

I'm No Stranger To Love I'm No Stranger To Love 1110918 1110918
No Way Rosé No Way Rosé 1110073 3110073
A-Lister A-Lister 1110969 3110969
Enchanted Patina Enchanted Patina 1110253 3110253

Images courtesy of Rodarte/Instagram