Picture of Halloween-themed nails
Add these stylishly spooky Halloween looks to your nail art repertoire for your fashion-forward clients.

Who doesn't love nail art for Halloween? It's practically the nail holiday of the year! And while we've all seen the basic bats and wicked witch designs before, perhaps it's time to wow your clients with these innovative takes on the spooktacular fall theme. So, scroll through these festive finds to gain some inspiration, then pull out your favorite Gelish and Morgan Taylor colors and start creating!

Diana Nguyen @ricekittynails
Spooky nails by Diana Nguyen @ricekittynails
Melisa Bruce @missmelisanails
Spooky nails by Melisa Bruce @missmelisanails
Sigourney Nuñez @nailartbysig
Spooky nails by Sigourney Nuñez @nailartbysig
Angelene Mangarell @angmangarell
Spooky nails by Angelene Mangarell @angmangarell
Nin @sreyninpeng
Spooky nails by Nin @sreyninpeng
Diana Nguyen @ricekittynails
Spooky nails by Diana Nguyen @ricekittynails
Jahaira @simplyjary
Spooky nails by Jahaira @simplyjary
Sarah Jean @sarahjeangirl
Spooky nails by Sarah Jean @sarahjeangirl