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One of the simplest ways to add nail art is with decals, and the Get The Look kit by Morgan Taylor has all the sweet and whimsical holiday designs you desire.

It's hard not to get inspired by the festive season, and for many of us, even harder to pass up the oh-so-adorable holiday nail art looks. But unless you're adept at hand-painting or know someone else who is, achieving those looks can be challenging. Enter the Morgan Taylor Get The Look kit. This little box comes with everything you need to create your own fun and festive nail art looks quickly and easily.

Each kit comes with a 15 milliliter bottle of white Arctic Freeze, red Man of the Moment and gold glitter All That Glitters Is Gold, plus a selection of delightful nail art stickers. The illustrated designs include cute and dainty gold and silver moons, stars, and various other shapes. All you need is a little imagination (and top coat) and you're ready to start creating unique nail looks! Follow these quick tips to ensure flawless application.


Tip #1 Trim the Sticker

It's important to make sure that your sticker can lie flat on the nail in order for it to stay put. If it's dipping into your sidewalls or resting on your cuticle, then you'll have problems with lifting. If the sticker you want to use is too big for your nail, simply trim it down so that the entire surface sticks to your nail.


Tip #2 Smooth Out Wrinkles

To avoid bumps in your sticker application, apply the sticker starting at one edge and carefully smooth it across the nail. If the sticker has any wrinkles or bubbles after applying it, use an orangewood stick or even your fingertip to gently smooth it out.


Tip #3 Stick to a Smooth Surface

If the surface of your nail isn't smooth, it's harder for the decal to stick. So, for example, if you use glitter polish as your base, apply a layer of top coat first before adhering the sticker. Follow with another layer of top coat, sandwiching the design to keep it in place.


Tip #4 Float the Top Coat

A good layer of top coat is the key to keeping your nail art sticker in place for long wear. Instead of pushing down with the brush bristles when applying top coat, use a light hand and float the top coat over the nail. This will keep the sticker from potentially smearing or moving and will encase it in enough top coat so the edges don't snag.

Morgan Taylor Get The Look Kit Morgan Taylor Get The Look Kit 3120079
Morgan Taylor bottle of Arctic Freeze Arctic Freeze 3110876 1110876
Morgan Taylor bottle of Man of the Moment Man of the Moment 50032 1110032
Morgan Taylor bottle of All the Glitters Is Gold All the Glitters Is Gold 3110947 1110947