Body Strech
10 Exercises
To Do At
The Salon
Sitting in a chair all day is hard on anyone's body.
These 10 exercises might help alleviate all of that!
07 December, 2022

While the salon isn't a gym by any means, there's no reason you can't get in a few simple exercises and stretches while at work. Taking a break to partake in these movements can help you feel better, stay healthier, and re-energize you during the workday.

Wrist Rotations
Rotate your wrists in one direction. Reverse direction. Repeat two to three times.
Half Twist Hold
While sitting in your chair, slowly turn to the left from your waist. Hold onto the left
side of your chair. Hold for five seconds. Reverse and twist to the right. Repeat two
to three times.
Neck Stretch
Straighten your shoulders. Lower your chin to your chest slowly.
Hold for 15 seconds, allowing the tension to release. Slowly raise your chin to its
upright position.
Shoulder Stretch
Bring your right arm across your body. Use your left arm to hold your right arm in
place for a count of 30. Switch. Repeat three times.
Overhead Stretch
Sit up straight. Raise both arms above your head and interlock fingers, palms facing
up. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat two to three times.
Knee Raise Hold
Sit up straight. Hold onto the sides of your chair. Slowly raise your knees toward
your chest, keeping them together. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
If needed, do one leg at a time.
Thoracic Stretch
Walk behind your station and place your hands on the back of a chair. Walk
backward, lowering your chest to the ground. When your hips are behind your
ankles, straighten your legs. Relax your thigh muscles, lift your tailbone, and hold
your arms in place as you continue to press your armpits toward the floor. This
should be felt in the shoulder. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat two to three times.
Shoulder Rotation
Sit up straight. Roll shoulders forward for 5-10 seconds. Rotate in opposite
direction. Repeat two to three times.
Side to Side Head Turn
Rotate your chin toward your right shoulder. Hold for 20 seconds. Optional: use
your hand to push your head farther into the stretch. Bring your head back to
center. Rotate toward the left. Repeat three to five times on each side.
Seated Foot and Heel Raise
Begin with your feet flat on the floor. Raise both heels off the floor and hold for a
few seconds before placing your heels back on the floor. Then raise your toes off
the floor and hold for a few seconds before returning them to the floor.
Repeat five times.

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