Spring Fling
Get excited for the newest collection from Gelish and Morgan Taylor. Plus, check out our step-by-steps for bringing new spring nail art to life!

Winter gloom is — thankfully! — behind us, and we’re starting to see new life come into bloom. The sweetness of a fresh season paired with the bright hues of spring is what the Gelish and Morgan Taylor Lace Is More collection embodies. It’s the balance of the delicate complexity of lace and the brightly saturated pastels of the season that inspires the collection, allowing you to unleash your femininity and express yourself.

Freshly Cut Freshly Cut 1110522 3110522
Sweet Morning Breeze Sweet Morning Breeze 1110523 3110523
Gelish Soak-Off Gel Sunny Daze Ahead Sunny Daze Ahead 1110524 3110524
Lace Be Honest Lace Be Honest 1110525 3110525
Tidy Touch Tidy Touch 1110526 3110526
Very Berry Clean Very Berry Clean 1110527 3110527

Fine As Vine

Use the Lace Is More collection to create delicate blooms on an accent nail or two, or even across all 10 for a sweet spring manicure. Tip! Make sure to cure after each step if using Gelish, or if working with Morgan Taylor lacquer, ensure that each layer is completely dry before continuing on to the next.

SPRING 2024 nail art with pinl Tidy Touch and green Freshly Cut colors
nail art step 1 nail art step 2 nail art step 3

Step 1Apply a thin coat of two coats of Tidy Touch

Step 2Use a Striper Brush to paint a wavy line of
Freshly Cut down the center of the nail.
Use a Micro Striper Brush to paint leaves around the line with Freshly Cut.

Step 3Use a dotting tool to create a few dots down the line with Sunny Daze Ahead. Add short lines around each dot with Sweet Morning Breeze and a Striper Brush to create the petals. Once you’re happy with your design, finish with top coat of choice.

micro striper brush Micro Striper Brush 1168018
striper brush Striper Brush 01381