Getaway Goals
Even if you're not planning an extensive spring break getaway, check out some of our favorite destinations that will make you feel like you're far, far away. Plus, insider travel tips and tricks from Morgan Haile

In a perfect world, we'd be traveling as far and wide and as often as we can. Unfortunately, time, commitments and money can keep us closer to home. But just because you don't have the ability to fly halfway around the world doesn't mean you can't take a trip that feels far away. Check out these five U.S. travel destinations that offer so much more than you might think!

Sedona, Arizona

1. Sedona, Arizona

Known for its stunning red rock formations, spiritual energy and vibrant art scene, Sedona feels like a world away from everyday life.

Bar Harbor, Maine

2. Bar Harbor, Maine

Located on Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor offers stunning coastal scenery, Acadia National Park and a quaint New England charm.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

3. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Accessible only by ferry, this car-free island boasts Victorian architecture, horse-drawn carriages and a lovely, serene atmosphere.

Asheville, North Carolina

4. Asheville, North Carolina

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville offers a blend of artistic culture, outdoor activities and a bohemian vibe that feels like a different world.

Olympic National Park, Washington

5. Olympic National Park, Washington

This diverse park includes lush rainforests, rugged coastline and snow-capped mountains, offering a remote natural experience that both adventure-seekers and more conservative nature lovers will enjoy.

Morgan's Travel Tips

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Morgan Haile of Morgan Taylor spends much of her work life traveling the globe, so she's a pro when it comes to knowing the tips and tricks that will save you time and money. Here, she shares some of her best travel advice:

Tip #1 Moisturize in Advance:

The day before you fly, make sure to moisturize from head to toe. All that recycled plane air dries out your skin in a major way. Be proactive about your skincare and prep the day before to boost your skin's hydration.

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Tip #2 Keep Cuticle Oil in Your Carry-On:

Refresh your hands and cuticles, as well as other dry spots (like elbows and knees), with cuticle oil. Traveling, whether on a plane, train or in an automobile, sucks the moisture from your skin. Cuticle oil protects your body's hydrogen and salt bridges, which helps maintain the skin's moisture — plus it smells good!

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Tip #3 Don't Forget Eye Drops:

Looking at your phone, laptop or a TV screen during a long-haul flight can leave you with red, watery and sore eyes. Eye drops will keep them looking and feeling fresh.

Tip #4 Pack Cosmetics With Cotton:

There's nothing worse than having an item break during travel. Help protect your makeup by adding a small cotton ball or pad between the product and lid to keep your cosmetics intact, think: delicate items like pressed eye shadows and powder compacts.

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