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From holiday parties to New Year's Eve, these on-trend hairstyles and makeup tips will ensure you look picture perfect.

Parties are the ideal time to play around with hair and makeup looks, and with December being a month typically chockfull of soirees, there's no time like the present to start practicing your festive styles. Taylor Daniel weighs in on some of her favorite holiday beauty trends for 2023, as well as offers tips for flawless results.

Holiday Beauty #1 Frosted Makeup:

From eyes to cheeks to lips, this season frosted makeup is not only appropriate for this time of year, but it's also on-trend! From fashion runways to the Met Gala, we saw frosted lips, metallic eyes, and fine glitter everywhere. You can easily recreate this look for your holiday event by swiping on a liquid metallic eye shadow and blending it out with your fingertip. You can even opt for a frosted lip gloss. Just don't wear it all together; think: More subtle shimmer and less Frosty the Snowman.

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Holiday Beauty #2 Smoky Eyes

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This versatile trend is easy to create for even the novice makeup artist because smoky eyes don't need to be perfect! Black tones are ideal for drama, but you can also soften it up with browns, grays, and purples. “I'm loving the smoky, smudgy eye trend,” Taylor says. “Personally, I'm far too fair for a black smoky eye, so I go for what I call the 'almost-black,' which means using a deep purple or even a dark navy.”

Holiday Beauty #3
Dewy Makeup + Classic Red Lip

Keep makeup on the face fresh and radiant and leave the color focus to your lips. After all, red is the go-to shade for holiday! The key to this look is keeping the rest of the face minimal and natural. Start with skin prep and make sure you use a hydrating and illuminating primer. Consider opting for a lightweight concealer, dotted and blended where coverage is needed, instead of heavy foundation. Brush through brows and swipe on a single layer of mascara (try brown for a more natural look). And don't forget the highlighter! To intensify that glow, layer liquid highlighter with a brush of highlighting powder. For the red lip, look for one that is matte, but not too drying. Too shiny, and your lippy could slip onto your skin; too dry, and your lip color won't look smooth and even.

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Holiday Beauty #4 Tousled Waves

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Inspired by the tousled waves from the 1970s, this hair trend is a must-try. It's quick, easy and can even be done while you sleep! Create curls with a medium-barrel curling iron and allow to cool completely before running your fingers through them. Or you could try Taylor's heatless method: “I love to French braid my hair at night, and when I wake up, I have perfectly unkempt waves in the morning. Add a little bit of volumizing product and you've got the perfect style for the 'I woke up like this' holiday party look.”

Holiday Beauty #5 Double Braid

Why sport one braid when you can have two? This trend is making its rounds on social media, but unless you have naturally full hair, you might need to clip in some extensions to fill out the two braids. The most dramatic looks are done with two full and impossibly long braids (extensions, of course), but you can easily keep them shorter for a more wearable look. Keep the hair around the face and at the crown smooth and slick so the focus is all on the braids.

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