Moments With Mom
Try these creative ideas for designing a meaningful and memorable Mother’s Day in the salon.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the salon can be a wonderful way to honor your mothers and daughters, as well as a way to introduce your business to new clients. After all, who doesn’t love a little one-on-one time, complete with some pampering? Whether you decide to dedicate one day to celebrating or run the promotion throughout the entire month of May, here are five ways that will surely make it memorable.

Complimentary Upgrades

Treat clients who book mother-daughter appointments to a special add-on free of charge. For example, you could offer an extended massage, paraffin treatment, spa upgrade or some simple nail art. How much or how little is up to you. At the end of the day, even that small touch will make a big difference.

Retail Mother’s Day Gifts

Get in on the gift-giving by offering Mother’s Day retail packages. Each curated bundle could include a selection of nail-care products (think: cuticle oil, scrub and hand cream), a candle and a gift card to the salon. Or if you have a larger retail space, you could create baskets of different products and allow shoppers to choose their own five items from the selection. Package them up with a bow, and the children and partners of your clients will certainly thank you for it!

Offer Refreshments and Treats

Create an extra-special ambiance by offering light refreshments or small gifts on the day(s) that you’re promoting your Mother’s Day services. Set up a dedicated space with beautiful decorations and a selection of herbal teas, fruit infused water and/or champagne paired with pastries, cookies or specialty chocolates. You could even go to the dollar store and pick up a couple dozen small bud vases, fill them each with a single flower and hand them out to the moms after their services.

Mother’s Day Brunch or Afternoon Tea

Collaborate with a local bakery or caterer to host a special Mother’s Day brunch or afternoon tea event within the salon. Price it at a premium and let clients know that space will be limited, as each service will also provide refreshments and a light meal. Consider offering a discount to those who book together to encourage friends as well as mothers and daughters to attend together.

Family Photo Sessions

Give clients a photo keepsake for those who book mother-daughter services. You could enlist the help of a friend or colleague who’s good at taking photos to snap the pics. Then set up a space in your salon — complete with beautiful backdrop — to take photos of clients after their services. Or, if you want to up the ante, partner with a local photographer to offer a discounted professional mini-photo session to those who book through the promotion. For example, the session could be offered for free, and the clients only have to pay for the images they wish to purchase. Either way, your clients will have a lasting memory of their special day thanks to you!