Need For Speed
Forever running behind for your next client? Try these 5 salon hacks for speeding up your service time.

Everyone runs behind every now and then. Sometimes a client is running late or a problem arises in the salon. But if you’re the one who’s consistently running late, then it might be time to take a closer look. Did you know that shaving just three minutes off the average service time could make room for two additional appointments each week? Now look at it the opposite way: How much revenue are you potentially losing if you’re running late by three minutes or more on each client’s service? Of course, speeding up your service time doesn’t mean cutting corners or getting sloppy. Instead, focus on efficiency with tools and techniques that will still give clients a quality experience in less time. Here are seven timesaving tips that you can implement to fast-forward your services.

Tip #1 Learn To Use an Electric File

When used correctly, an e-file can save time on almost any service. Use it to shave down bulky product before removal; quickly and easily remove gel polish over enhancements; and with the right bit and technique, you can even use it to clean up the cuticles during nail prep, saving time on pushing and nipping.

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Tip #2 Use Your Downtime Wisely

If you’re sitting around looking at your phone during service downtime, you’re wasting valuable minutes. For example, if your client is soaking, instead of just sitting there, use that time to schedule her next appointment, lay out the tools you’ll need for the service, or finalize her color and/or art selection. Just make sure that you schedule a break for yourself during the day so you don’t feel overextended.

Tip #3 Set a Late Policy and Enforce It

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No matter how efficiently you work, late clients will always throw you off. Set a policy that states if a client is running 5 to 10 minutes late, the service may be compromised or shortened in some way (sorry, no time for nail art today!). And if the client is 15 minutes late or more, then she forfeits her appointment for that day — but will still have to pay for it. Remember: Time is money.

Tip #4 Add Heat for Removal

Room temperature Artificial Nail Remover works at a steady pace — but you can speed it up by adding a little heat. Once all fingers have been wrapped for gel polish removal, place your client’s hands in a warming mitt or between heated towels to speed up the time it takes to break down the product.

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Tip #5 Quit the Chitchat

Many nail professionals are outgoing and good around people, which is why they succeed in a service industry. But too much talking can slow down your service time. This doesn’t mean ignoring your client altogether; rather, let her do the majority of the talking. Nodding your head and making brief comments are enough to let your client know you’re interested in what she’s saying, while you keep your head down and focus on the task at hand.

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