Prep For Pedi Season
Utilize these proven strategies to encourage clients to return to the salon for pedicures after a season wrapped up in boots.

While some clients are dedicated to their nail appointments, never missing one regardless of the time of year, many look at winter as a time to give their nails a break. But as we all know, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is all too real of a phenomenon — which is why it’s extra important to remind your clients that it’s time to return to the salon for pedicure season.

There are many effective strategies for encouraging client return, from promotions to social media to direct marketing campaigns, and here we’ll touch on a number of options so you can find one (or more!) that makes sense to you. The key is to get started early so that by mid-spring, you’ll be fully back in business.

Client Engagement

Nothing gets clients excited about returning to the salon like discounts and specials marketed specifically to them. Even if you’re sending out a mass e-blast, if you word it correctly, then clients will feel as though you’re speaking directly to them — and will be more inclined to respond as a result.

Email Campaigns

Send out a newsletter every couple of weeks to your client list. Make sure to include things like “We’ve missed you!” as part of the verbiage. Update your clients with what’s been going on in the salon, as well as spring-themed pedicure ideas, promotions and discounts (“show us this email to get 20% off you next pedicure service”).

Personalized Recommendations

For your regular clients who’ve skipped out over the last few months, create a list of a few personalized recommendations for pedicure services or new nail colors that you think they’d like. While this certainly takes more time, there’s nothing like a personalized service suggestion to make a client feel special and appreciated.

Seasonal Promotions

The best part of a new season in the salon is coming up with the new services you plan on unveiling. While there’s nothing vastly different between each seasonal pedicure service, the fun comes with the creative touches that set them apart.

pedicaure set with flower/lemon soaking water

Spring-Themed Packages

A successful seasonal package isn’t just about the service itself; it’s about creating an atmosphere that inspires excitement from the minute clients walk through your door. Set the tone by hanging flower garland, building a floral balloon arch (thank you, Amazon) or creating an Instagramable photo wall (if space allows) packed with paper and/or faux flowers. Swap out your winter air freshener or candles with bright, floral scents instead. If you’re feeling like being extra, make ice cubes filled with edible flowers and serve them in a signature beverage (alcoholic or non) as part of the service. For services, add flower petals to the pedicure water and update your soaks, masques, scrubs and lotions to the newest BareLuxury fragrance Oat Milk & Brown Sugar, available for spring. The four-step service is perfect for restoring dry winter skin, while creating a soothing sensory experience for clients. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you incorporate; it’s more about creating the feel of something special that’s worth the higher service price.

oakmilk and mil tray
bare luxury calm pedicure set BareLuxury Oat Milk & Brown Sugar 3623006

Customer Appreciation Rewards

Throughout the spring season, implement a loyalty program where clients earn points for each spring pedicure they receive. They can then use those points to purchase retail items or service add-ons (extended massage, for example) or discounts come summer.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re not using social media to build your business and increase traffic, then you’re definitely missing out. It doesn’t take much, even a little effort will work wonders.

red nail hand using mobile phone

Contests and Giveaways

Encourage your clients to share photos of their pedicures or their time at your salon (in front of that floral wall, perhaps?) on social media, tagging your salon. Or create a giveaway post where followers have to like, share and comment. The prize can be a free spring pedicure or even a free service for the winner and a friend.

By incorporating these strategies and customizing them to fit your salon’s style and clientele, you can effectively encourage clients to return to the salon for spring while attracting new customers at the same time.